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About Us

We have worked in Legal IT for over 15 years with multiple firms and have over 30 years of IT experience within different sectors.
Our IT consulting services are focused towards helping any SME business on all aspects of IT requirements, additionally we have extensive knowledge and experience in assisting law firms to get the most out of technology.
We provide advice and consultancy on IT Solutions in an Innovative way to ensure you get a Measured solution to your IT Business challenges. Our Knowledge and experience of the industry allows us to be Agile to ensure You, the client get the correct advice, solution, and support to truly help your business make the most of technology.

Why Us

Our business is your business and we have expertise, particularly within the legal IT field.
Whilst everyone has technology to help them, its ensuring you have the right technology in place. We work with businesses to ensure they have this and more importantly ensure this is used effectively. 

What makes us different?
We don’t just advise, we will “roll up our sleeves” and where required implement the identified efficiencies and process changes. We do the business analysis, work with your IT suppliers and perform workflow and application development.
We have many years of experience in SME businesses and Legal practice management systems, in particular we are experts in Proclaim workflow development.
  • Do you want to make your business more efficient, improve process, reporting and communicate better, leading to improved profitability? We can help.
  • We focus on the outcome and objectively identify challenges and provide practical, cost-effective solutions.
  • It’s on the “how” of getting things done - by optimisation and automating repetitive processes, so that you can focus on other important projects.
Take advantage of our free initial consultation of your IT systems and processes.

To determine what you have, what you can have and where we believe we can take you.

Our Services

part-time and interim IT director Services

Providing skills, experience and the knowledge to help you deliver IT solutions. Ensuring IT requirements are identified, assessed, prioritised and implemented in timescales aligned with your business plans and objectives.
We would like to be your Trusted Adviser and help you free up your time to think about your business priorities and let us worry about the IT.

IT Strategic review

Develop, implement and maintain your IT Strategy and ensure it aligns with your business objectives.
This is achieved by providing recommendations and a future roadmap to enable your business to have better performing systems, procedures and processes.

IT Project management

Most small businesses are extremely busy. In our experience sometimes even more so than large enterprises where you typically have specific people managing specific projects.
Managers and Owners in SME’s typically end up running IT projects themselves, detracting them from actually doing their day job! We are here to take those headaches away and leave you to do what you do best!
We can manage IT projects (Technical, Development, Infrastructure and Strategic) and ensuring they deliver the expected business improvement and outcome.

cyber security and backups

95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error, therefore cyber security awareness is critical to business and goes hand in hand with robust backup procedures.
We will help and provide practical advice on how you can create a human firewall which can protect your business and help you create a Cyber Security Incident Plan

it business processes and transformation

Increasingly for businesses it’s on the how of getting things done - optimisation and automating repetitive processes.
Let us focus on the outcome rather than the tasks and we will help you transform your IT processes.

Practice Management System

Are you getting the most out of your current systems or thinking about a new one?
Workflows? CRM? Reporting? Business Intelligence?
We will work with you to review and capture your business processes and user requirements, refine them further and transpose them successfully in to workflows to provide an automated case management system and more.

bespoke development

With most “off the shelf” systems, you never quite get everything your business needs.
We help bridge that gap by offering bespoke services for software development, web applications, and website development to ensure you get what you want to drive your business forward.

it Advisory service

Do you ever think, who can you can talk to, to get advice on which technology would be suited to your business? how it would work? and what impact it could have?
Are your tired of all the techno babble, and just need some straightforward advice? We want to understand your business, your ethos and what you want to achieve.

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